Stars Reprise

Stars Reprise

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Liner Notes: 

A continuation of my song Stars from 2013. This will be an acoustic rendition with the same vocal melody, and very gentle in comparison.

Stars (Original)

You woke up late this morning
Your body senses warnings
You stumble around for things but listen to me and know
It's never too late to dream when everyone else is asleep

There is a stubborn panic
A rumbling inside your bones
Somewhere off in the distance
Comes a ruckus from the belly of the earth below

Wake up, you're falling asleep again
You know it's not fair
Wake up, now what do you dream?
When all your stars are falling down

The lights went out in the attic
This isn't quite how you planned it
A celebration of the madness
Now put your shades on, get your shoes on, we're about to leave the planet

A lighthouse was built for your eyes to wander up it
A certain kind of secret best kept will rise when your dead
C'mon let's take control and dream up something better
We'll color the air with all our crazy thoughts uncensored

One day you will wake up a warrior and rise above
You'll turn suffer into might, you'll find a way to stay alive
Now all your stars burn bright


Stars Reprise

You were early to the party
Your efforts left you in mourning
You grumble inside and say I listened to you and now
This wanderlust aftermath is all I have left to seek

There is a weightless static
A rustling inside the stone
The feeling builds in your stomach
As you start to unearth a sword all alone

Stand up, you're building yourself again
You breathe in the air
Stand up, now how does it feel?
When all your stars are reaching out

The darkness asked why you're tragic
This isn't what you imagined
A revolution for the helpless
Now put your shields up, kick your heels up, we're about to make some magic

A library tome calls your mind to read the fine print
A silent wall kept you out, broke you down so you could break in
Tonight you took control and dreamed up something better
Now welcome the glare with all your fearless thoughts discovered

This time you have woken up a warrior and rose above
You turned suffer into might, you found a way to stay alive
Now all your stars burn inside

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really strong lyrics in both the original and the reprise. very relatable words. a fragile strength paradox.