Cherish Your Hopes

Cherish Your Hopes

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Liner Notes: 

@mike skliar posted his optimistic songs about the world...(challenge). My piano piece was inspired by this challenge. Thank you Mike for the inspiration. I think in spite of the music being short this also could be a song if someone hears lyrics while listening. Please let me know if you would like to collaborate with me.
Thank you for listening, comments, sharing your thoughts and suggestions.

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So uplifting! It made me so happy to listen to this and I feel almost empowered by it. Excellent!

i look forward to each of your songs, and this didnt disapoint either nice music again

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thanks for picking up on this challenge! Fine, and inspiring music, that has a quiet march-to-it dignity to it---- you should add a lyric! this works nicely as an instrumental as well, and does indeed convey the challenge well!