Said the bee to the turtle to the whale

Said the bee to the turtle to the whale

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Liner Notes: 

Almost identical rhythm and progression to an earlier song, the lyrics are a bit awkward but whev, it's done for now! The perspective is meant to be like Eden before and after the fall.



Said the bee to the turtle to the whale
Said the bear to the lion to the butterfly
Said the bat to the monkey to the bluejay
What are we to do
About the human race

We watched you play when you were young
We lived in peace beside each other
Before the days of smoke and steel and guns
You were our brother

We shared the forest and the sun
We swam in seas like we were lovers
We ate the fruit that low on branches hung
Earth was our mother


You scared away the gentle rains
They turned to acid and to thunder
The mountain and the jungle and the plains
You raped and plundered

We watched in horror and in pain
Where once reigned majesty and wonder
Nothing but the bitter dirt remains
Our treasure squandered

Chorus x2
Nothing we can do
About the human race

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the lyrics are not only exceptionally well written and carry an important message, but they sound awesome when you sing them to such a delightful melody. I can even believe all these delightful animals and insects are funning and flying about discussing these concerns with each other. It s a wonderful song, and the worrds trip off your tongue like diamonds. Your voice is sounding better with each song, with rich tonalities and dextrous phrasing. bringing the ideas and images to vibrant life.

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Lovely. Love the chorus, and starting with it is perfect, and it says upfront, this is what this song is about. The verses then are gentler, in their "we loved those humans once" thing, which is just great.

I have a feeling if the bees, the turtles, the whales,and all the rest, did have a conversation, this would be almost exactly what they'd say.

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great song. fantastic environmental comment and that chorus is delightful, love the melody and the lyrics and your delivery is spot on. nicely done Smile

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Lyrically this has a deceptive childlike quality, and yet the animals talking together and sharing this opinion, really communicated with me as an adult.
I must be part animal.
A highly enjoyable song, very tuneful. You have a strong distinctive voice that seems to take no notice of current singing trends, which I applaud.
I would really enjoy singing this with kids.

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This is very well-written. I like the way it starts off so strongly then goes into a more contemplative mood then goes back to a kind of world weary anger. It has sweetness and acidity combined in a subtle way. The vocal conveys this really well. I think this is a very strong song that deserves to be heard and sung widely.

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I love this - the flow of the lyrics, your soulful delivery, the propulsive uke strumming. Timely message and timeless folk/protest vibe. Excellent!

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Fantastic! I absolutely love that way the animals ask each other what to do. It’s so clever! Love it.

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LOVE this! This sounds like something Pete Seeger would have proudly sung. It's beautiful and strong. Fantastic!!!

you are finding a rich vein at the moment T. another really lovely song. fantatstic

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This really blew me away... Fantastic work!

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Very strong story with great imagery. The chorus is so catchy, and there's a beautiful melancholy feel throughout. Enjoyed!

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I keep coming back to listen to this one. Just want you to know - I really love what you did here!

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Haven't heard the earlier song. I like this rhythm and feel. And a clever set of lyrics. The chorus swims along beautifully.

(Mind you, as a no-longer practising field ecologist, I have a much more cynical outlook on the beatitudes of nature.)

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Has a very cool hippy vibe. Really enjoyed the melancholy tone mixed with the upbeat strumming. I like the clever way the animals are basically chastising humans. Are humans the real animals after all?