Lost in Conversation

Lost in Conversation

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Liner Notes: 

I was asleep when the thread came up. when i woke decided i would do it in an hour. I had no voice, so decided to pay with all my new electronic toys. This is my first electro song. then i had trouble loading it so here it is at last.


Lost in Conversation Im lost in Conversation

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Great sound. Very danceable.This will get anybody moving.

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You've done in 1 hour what I have failed to do in 2 years - make a poppy dance beat. Seriously, well done! This hits all the right points. Colour me jealous. :P

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That's a fine EDM track. Good variety of sounds around the theme. It really works. I enjoyed it.

You did this in an hour!? Wow - I am blown away...and dance music also? Many strings to your bow John!

Its not as hard as you think a lot of it is having good tools.

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had me bobbing along immediately! then when it kicked in early had me really chair grooving. this is great clubby stuff. amazing for an hour! great sounds. nice skirmishing!

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Well, now I feel worse about my attempt (not posted) to do an EDM song. Nice work! Wink

Maybe I'll give it another try sometime.