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Liner Notes: 

@cindyrella was kind enough to let me slap together a very quick-and-dirty demo for her "Spin" lyrics.

Open G tuning on a Rainsong parlor, recorded into iPad using Voice Recorder. I plan to redo this once I finish moving from Atlanta to Albuquerque.


© 2018
Lyrics by Cindy Prince, Music by Sharon Stepler

I've never witnessed
Someone like you
You can give a spin to anything

You're making me crazy
With the things you do
So take back this damn ring!

Spin after spin
Lie after lie
I'm past my limit
I'm saying goodbye
Baby this time you can't win

I don't care about the whys
Cause I know they're all lies

At first I didn't believe it
You'd never lie
Now isn't that I joke?

If your lies cost money
We'd be high and dry
Yeah we'd be totally broke

Repeat chorus

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Excellent! You nailed what I wanted. Very catchy and the way you sing "spin..spin.." Thank you!

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Great guitar playing, I like those sorta less commonly heard chords that you can get from alternative tunings. V nice song. Spin spin spin spiiiin spin.

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Fantastic collaboration! The that guitar intro and great bluesy feel throughout! Nicely delivered melody! Love the pithy pointed lyrics too! Well done!

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Wow! Excellent musical treatment - delightfully saucy vocal and sublime picking. Classic country-style lyrics - economy of words, and cool hooks and rhymes. Great collab!

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I’m going to be singing “spin” for the rest of the night. Lovely collaboration!

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Love the bluesy sound, which is so right for this lyric. The guitar sounds great!