Steel Scraping Clean

Steel Scraping Clean

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Liner Notes: 

This one had a hard time coming out. The "clear" idea in head-space never cleanly translated into real-world space. It's like it wanted to be three different songs at the same time. Each version worked well for all of one verse and maybe a chorus/pickup line, but then went sideways. (If that makes sense to some others here, --it may to some.)

So, this is a one-take that felt somewhat solid, - so kept it to play from/with/refine from as I go with it now. So, to see where it could go, I then did a track of overdubs and it just didn't work, half-assed as in a demo. Some here may have like it, -- but I couldn't leave it (almost had two versions, but that doesn't work well here it seems).
-- The only remnant left of that is the cymbal at the end, --just for the heck of it, chopped that out and left it. I think it needs to "live" as a simple stripped down song. For me, it has a "feel" when I perform/sing it; so kept it... I think it will "fit", feel good a year from now. It was a song, which for me, was a shift from my box, and think that was part of this struggle, -- to cerebral a process, maybe.

Also, I "even" notice in this track, -- my/a accent comes out in this song, more so, for some reason. I think the worded-notes and instruments are having fun sonically with each other in the track, and I even have to read along to keep track of where I am when reviewing it Crazy ... -- kinda interesting. (Plus, I need to "learn" it too, myself.)

I mention it since folks do occasionally comment they have no idea the words w/o the lyric sheet, well, -- you will need it for sure with this one Wink hahhh.


G // // 2x

Cg ^ F c-hi Cg F a
Feeling the steel scraping clean
Cg Fa Bb Fa
Moving parts of lifes Le-an
C F a Bb Fa
Of whom... licks, lifes buds like me
C g g ^G g ^Am a F f
And hope their blood, Lubes their burdens keels
C F Bb f-lo F
It’s only blood … … [2x]

\C g ^ F a - up ^ Bb F a
Embrace man, and kind… … , and Screwtape bind …
C g F a Bb ^ F a - up
Families in need… …, in want they bleed
C/ e G/ g F/ c Bb
Some give, some take, some drown in no wake
^ F a -hi C g -up F f sus // //
Only some days … get paid… …


C F Bb F C F Am C
Feeling the scraping clean, of lifes plates lean
C F Bb F
Crushing minced blood - let white and blue
B b F Am C // //
Rend that cloth now made red, purpled hue … …
B b D C g Ff
And sing out no more black and blue … from Marx's spew

B b F C sus / / / / 2x then Bb F C
Eww oh, ah oh… eww oh… … It’s only blood 2x]

\C e ^ F a - hi ^Bb F a
Embrace man, and kind… … , and Screwtape bind …
C e F f Bb ^ F a – hi
Families in need… …, in want they bleed
C/ g G/ g F/ a Bb bflat c bflat a
Some give, some take, some drown in no wake
^ F -hi C g -up F
It’s Only some days … they get paid… …

Bb f Am G [last of 3x F] F … …
it’s... only... blood

Unused lyrics in this track, chopped; many, possibly, --won’t have any idea what it means anyway:
Families in 38, endured extremes in weight
Their cooled dried blood, of soon forgotten freight
Heritage lost…, with generations memory tossed
Again wash rinse repeat, for... every new centuries heap

What can one do, more than sing their sweet groans
Since alternatives for waiters, is their what's cause
Hear now the rumors of..., core quakes and more
Feel the horn blasts great…, shaking and final seals…, scores

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Nice guitar part. Your voice reminds me of someone but I can't think who. If it pops into my head I'll come back and tell you. Also the cymbal at the end sounds really cool, for the first split second I thought it was a big set of vocal harmonies for some reason.

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However you made it all come together-you did it well. Love the guitar and feel of the whole song. Good one!

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is this your darkness on the edge of town? your singing here is full bodied and rich. i love how the melody is constricted, and your voice pumps air into it. its a song trying to break out of itself, and the more confined it is, the stronger it gets. you could jhave used power chords and belted it out and it would be a springsteen hit..but instead, you play with the melody, add dissonant touches to the chords, and keep everything between the lines. the cymbol at the end is a good touch, like smoke rising from the fire.

yes i feel like you are just keeping the lid on it! holding it from getting away and it needs to be held. Its got something extraordinarily compelling about it. I played it twice. I think you should change your tag to Stillduzknow.

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One of those songs where the emotional heft of the delivery is at least as important as the words. Music directly from the soul, for sure.