Octopus's Cauldron

Octopus's Cauldron

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Liner Notes: 

Storycube challenge by Darcistrutt, my roll was bandages, a space satellite, a boiling cauldron, an octopus, and my action was an alarm waking someone.

I took these things and made a song about the grind of life, particularly the droning on of the office job, and wanting to make something more out of your sandbox.


Alarm bells echo off inside your castle
The horsemen have found you

No more satellite
Shoot the moon tonight
Go on and make a life
Gotta think it over, gotta think it over

Take it off
The mask that shrugs your shoulders
Faces frown
If you don't act like your neighbor
What's that sound? Cauldrons boil when you stumble
Meet your fate at the stable

Go find some bandages and put them on
Until your wound's gone

So there you were
Drowning under
Octopus arms
Make you stutter

When you fall down, when you fall down
There's a safe house, there's a safe house
From the fallout, from the fallout
Once you feel better, the walls start to smolder

The mask that shrugs your shoulders

© 2018 Peter Arvidson Music
© 2018 Sara Janda Artwork

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Cicpisces's picture

Not immediately apparent this is about the grind of life, which I like. Love all the imagery going on with the octopus arms. Rocky beat sounds good. Accomplished piece. You did well with such an obscure selection from the storycube.

Lots of influences here musically - flows well. Interesting lyrics!

cblack's picture

Reminds me of some '00s emo rock, in a good way. Just that iconic vocal style, paired with high-energy music, pushing a bit harder than general rock, but not quite into punk or metal territory. A good place to be, for sure. I definitely have a soft spot for this style. Loved it!

johnstaples's picture

Yes, I really enjoyed this! Really awesome guitar reminds me of Black Sabbath. But your nice vocals and harmonies put a more modern feel on it. I really like those lyrics too; very cool to describe the droning of "normal life" in such dramatic terms!! Excellent work here!

darcistrutt's picture

Nice work on the cube images. I especially enjoyed the chorus. Rock on!! Great sound and mix! I'm always impressed by the layers of instruments some of you can create. Very cool solo guitars toward the end.

ILERMINATY's picture

Nice! The vocals are very well-done and remind me of the early-2000s a little bit. The song is overall very well-written and well-put together. I especially like the guitar solo. Not too many songs have guitar solos anymore