Sweet Evening

Sweet Evening

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Liner Notes: 

Helen sent me this extraordinarily beautiful piano piece, and so I wrote about death. Go figure.


Sweet Evening
Say something
Into nothing

Shine on me

Moon and the shadows talking
Go on and on in whispers
The stars in the dark shine on
In pale light

Fall on me
Sweet evening
My breath

Now touch me
Take something

Bathed in a memory
A flash of love and revelry
Time had no meaning then

Spinning right through youth
Innocent and true
Time is never new
But here now

Moon and the shadows talking
Go on and on in whispers
The stars in the dark shine on
In pale light

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Your voice has such breadth. Perfect write and melody to match that plaintive piano piece. Well done!

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Such a powerful and wonderful song! Congrats to you both

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The lovely piano has an ominous fateful tone and the lyrics really add to that. The active verbs go so well with the rolling piano. I like the title, Sweet Evening, and the power it holds here.

Oh those keys!! Nice interpretation lyrically. 'Spinning right through youth' - great line. Good collab!

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You don't often see Piano and Death side by side as tags. I agree with all the comments on the power of this song. But it also has so many contrasting sections, some light and almost hopeful sitting alongside the much darker parts. It's a little like a hymn such by a really good singer and I can also imagine this easily at the end of a movie where the main character's funeral is being held. It's a big song dealing with a big topic really well.

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Simply exquisite. Gorgeous piano reverie, and such rich lyrics and restful melody finding their way to nestle in and add their own glow. The B section adds so much to the story and was a total surprise. Downloaded.

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That is really beautiful. It could easily stand on it's own as a solo piece. The lyric is beautiful in its brush upon the subject. I love the way you avoid hitting the subject straight on and as a result do a much better job of emoting the sad longing.

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Agree on the piano... haunting.... good voice.