Locked Up in My Heart

Locked Up in My Heart

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Liner Notes: 

A little while ago @coolparadiso asked if I might be interested in a collab. There was a week where he was only going to be able to write lyrics and so I kept an eye on what he was posting and these jumped out at me. I thought they had a really lovely, classic feel, and I've very much enjoyed putting them to music!


I wish I knew what you were thinking
I might know what to do
I might even have the answers
To help you see it through

I want to make you whole again
I want to see you smile
I want things the way they were
If only for a little while

I want to give it one more go
I do not want to part
But how can we move forward
When it's all locked up in your heart

It's never easy letting go
But it's the only thing to do
Dont live forever in the past
Just take a different view

I'm really really trying
But I dont know where it begins
How can I forever pay
For other people's sins

I want to give it one more go
I do not want to part
But how can we move forward
When it's all locked up in your heart

You need to bury the past
Before it buries me
If you want to make it work
And live a life so free

I have one last chance I feel
I've tried fast and I’ve tried slow
But if you don’t unlock your heart
I will really have to go

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stark beauty in lyric, music and performance. a truly terrific collab. something i can listen to over and over.

Quite a wonderful collab! The lyrics are really moving and are sung absolutely beautifully. So glad I got to witness this collab!

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Such a good listen. The sound of the guitar, the lyrics and the way it is conveyed, it's all a delight to listen to. Pleasant vocals. Finest moment in there: 'If you want to make it work'. Loving that chorus, along with the verses a moment to look forward to.

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What a gorgeous gentle, loving song. Such a pleasure to listen to. The lyrics, music, vocals and guitar are so beautiful. Love everything. Thank you so much for letting me know your beautiful song is up. You've made my evening beautiful.

It's a great collaboration, a wonderful ballad --done, written in a very relateable manner, and open to a number of styles of approach. Again, well done. Fine thoughtful lyrics with a very fine, articulate voice with wonderful timbre, demo'd well.

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Lovely collab! Absolutely gorgeous vocals and guitar performance, and the lyrics flow so simply but beautifully. Great job, both of you.

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Great Hook!! Love this line,
"You need to bury the past
Before it buries me"
Really good write and the melody and beautiful vocal fit the write perfectly. A lovely and emotional sing on this, a great collab!!!

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Powerful lyrics. And a soulful, intimate expression of them. Good job folks! Enjoyed this much!

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So tenderly delivered, you've really given life to the lyrics. Great song, great collab