Black Gold

Black Gold

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Liner Notes: 


Black Gold (Larry W Jones 7/22/2018) (song #7248)

Well, I grew up a ranch hand on land that was mostly sand
When I grew up tall and tanned, I asked Becky for her hand
But she saw in me nothing grand so she turned me down cold
Neither of us ever thought the land was covering black gold

I told Becky that I loved her and would provide a home
But Becky wanted a manor house and limo with chrome
She broke my heart when she said she wouldn't be comin' round
Becky drove away over the sand where black gold abounds


Where once stood a ranch house, a manor house stands now
Oil wells pump black gold on the pastures by the branded cows
Becky came by the other day and she was mighty bold
Said she'd love to live in my manor house made from black gold

Well, Becky dear, it's always good to see you on bare sand
Recall that I gave you a fair chance to accept my hand
But I'm still just a poor ranch hand when all is said and told
Goodbye Becky dear and say adios to my black gold

Goodbye Becky dear and say adios to my black gold

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A good story about someone whose luck changed, and he realised a gold digger when he saw one!

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Thanks Marv. I guess a black gold digger has a well of excuses for digging.