Who Are We? (The People)

Who Are We? (The People)

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Liner Notes: 

First started out as a kind of love song. But I do enough of those. So this is a protest song. A scalding rebuke of you know who, wrapped in a danceable silky shimmer. Not entirely happy with reverb on the chorus. I'll play more with that later, but I have to get some Sunday things done.

I do wonder most days who are "we" and if we could ever be a we again. You know, like, we the people?

Please note: There's a giant block of silence at the end of that bounced track and I have no idea what happened, but no time right now to fix it.

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Face about like a hypocrite
Your currency now counterfeit

All your promises textbook fascist spit
All their victories claimed as yours

Who are we? Who are we?
Who are we? Who are we?
How can we ignore now?

On the air another law large writ
Red ink crafting your identikit

All those filthy deals in your hotel room
Truth will be revealed all in time

Who are we? Who are we?
How can we ignore now?

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Classic rave vibe here. Love it! Those vocals in particular are epic, and remind me of losing myself in the music and just moving, you know? The sort of song you might really enjoy without ever paying it a huge amount of attention in the moment. And I love those sorts of songs. Music for life, rather than music for art, I suppose you could say?

Anyway, you've done an excellent job here!

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@cblack thanks for the props. I did this protest song in a style that would inspire movement. I figure dancing and marching are close. Smile Dance our way out of tyranny?

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Great dance beat. Makes you want to move. I would bet people in the club would be totally obliviously to the meaning of this song, because the groove is so infectious.

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Damn Kelly, this is amazing! Right away, I'll say BRAVO to the subject matter and express my profound agreement with you! I love how you nail down some very pertinent facts while also questioning something fundamental...Who Are We? This is really damn fine writing! Now, on to the music...It Is Lovely! I LOVE the overall vibe/groove and your vocals are amazing! Really great work here!!!

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'the revolution will have a dance beat'! nicely done! haunting chorus, too-- excellent writing and production and performance...

Again, more great work you've put out! Really an energetic song with powerful lyrical imagery! So happy you commented on my songs and I was fortunate enough to hear what you've done!

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This is quite nimble and flexible; like sonic capoeira. I'm not one to get too close to political subject matter (though I do intend to go there a little bit before 5090 is over). I love the hook - absolutely draws me in like a moth to a flame. Brava!

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Love the write, short and to the point of the main frustration, the music is light and keeps it from bogging you down, but I love the idea of "who are we", that is a great question for people to ask themselves while they swim in this polluted river of idiocy. I wasn't thinking that the reverb was too much, but love the vocal on this, wonderful all around!

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Greal clubby dance-pop vibe - very 90s. Love the vocals. Really like the contrast between the music and the protest lyrics.

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Yeah. We're not protesting so we can be less free, I can't see any reason why we wouldn't want that...sort of like a double negative. Anyway, you have better beats than the opposition.