'Feeling So Lost'

'Feeling So Lost'

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Liner Notes: 

Thank you Corinne for your inspiring skirmish theme! Here is my piano instrumental. Thank you for listening and sharing your thoughts.
Please also listen to our collaboration:

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You can come up with such amazing compositions Nadia! So extraordinary and breathtaking even for this skirmish.

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Truly beautiful music that conveys a rather melancholy feeling of being lost but with beautiful passages that convey hope or joy in the journey and the discovery. We only find what is new within the unfamiliar.

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Really lovely- and conversation like. The rising lines like questions, the resolution brings the answers. Beautiful

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You write beautiful music Nadia. Always with so much feeling. This feels low and then it seems to climb just to go down again, just like being lost with all the ups and downs.

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Truly beautiful. Can feel the isolation, and lost feeling. You are such a wonderful composer, Nadia.

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This is stunningly beautiful Nadia! I dunno how you always manage to come up with such lovely melodies and express them so well on your piano! Really impressive work!!!

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Such a lush, eddying quality to the lower register chords you work with here. I really enjoyed hearing the rich and clear tone of your piano playing. I could also see bits of a modern dance choreography popping up here and there, where the sense of being swept into a somewhat dizzying spin is conveyed. I will listen to this again later, it's so gorgeous!

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A lovely melody. The first section seems to wander around in a lost manner but then the major part comes along and brings a ray of hope. Well done as always.

Always look forward to your next piece. Very nice. No disapointment here. Very evocative one.

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I can hear this as a backdrop in a movie scene where 2 people are intimately talking in a quiet place. Simpy lovely!

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Hi, Nadia - great to hear you again! Lovely song - melancholy with some glimpses of hope, too. I love listening to your hands working together and weaving notes around each other.

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There's just something so otherworldly about this... I don't think I could even remotely add anything to this track for a collab. It's just so... Well, otherworldly, as I said. It's absolutely amazing. This is the reason people listen to piano. Well done! Biggrin

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Stunning performance with a title that fits it so perfectly. I felt the lost feeling and at the same time, I felt moving into something new as it was ending. Very nice!!