Lost in Conversation

Lost in Conversation

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Liner Notes: 

Sunday songskirmish, with big thanks to @corinne54 for being such a reliable host, week after week!


There's you
And there's me
And we seem to make a bridge between the ways we see
So you can climb
And I can climb
To another world where time unfurls

So slowly… So magically…

Lost in conversation…
In a tandem exploration
The horizon never stops
As we stretch it with our thoughts
I feel like I've been on vacation...
Lost in conversation

There's me
And there's you
And we always seem to fall into our joint cocoon
Where you can climb
And I can climb
To another world where minds unfurl

So slowly… So naturally…

Lost in conversation
In a spirited translation
How it looks from just one side
Isn't all there is to life
I feel like I've been on vacation...
Lost in conversation

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Brilliant take on skirmish. You've used both words in the title and made everything work so beautifully. Love the choice of words. Fantastic descriptions. I can't wait to hear your beautiful lyrics with your gorgeous vocals and playing.

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Love these metaphors of climbing into another world. It can really be like that sometimes with the right person. Man, I wish I could write lyrics like this for a skirmish. They are so well developed.

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It's great when you can connect with someone on such an intimate level. You've captured that feeling really well with your lyrics. It would be wonderful to hear your music for this.

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I like the word choices -tandem, stretch our thoughts, spirited translation. Looking forward to hearing how it may turn out.

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Damn Barbara, this is truly awesome! The way you bracket the chorus with "Lost in conversation…" and change up the insides is super cool! And some brilliant phrases like "tandem exploration" and "spirited translation"! I can't wait to hear this if you add music! Really great work and the fact that you did it in an hour is even more amazing!!!

Cicpisces's picture

I chose a similar idea of people getting lost in their own conversation. It really works. Feeling of being on vacation is good too. Nice work.

kahlo2013's picture

Fantastic lyric! Powerful metaphors! I'm always so impressed with your insights and use of language!

JWHanberry's picture

Very good lyric. At first I thought it was going wrong then it became a good adventure. Nice twist. Needs big music IMHO.

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This is a beautiful tribute to 2 people who can really get lost together. Love it!

Adnama17's picture

I know, and dearly miss, that feeling. Sigh...

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Amazing for a skirmish, just love the verse structure and topic, great write!!