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Liner Notes: 

This barely qualifies as making music, since I'm just the button pusher. Nonetheless, here ya go!

This is mostly being posted as a test of exporting from iPhone GB file to Dropbox, on to conversion into MP3 via Zamzar, back to Dropbox for a shared link. Thought I'd do this to see if I can skirmish away from my home base PC. Part of the luxury of 50/90 is finding new processes!


(Bleep bloop, chirp chirp chirp)

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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First of all, not everybody can push buttons with such a finesse as you do. Smile And secondly, GB hardly came up with that memorable title. This music sounds 100 % electro barbie. It fits. So, very well done, Barbara!

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I'm kind of jealous that I've had GB on my phone for a year or two... or three? and still haven't done a single darn thing with it. It's definitely making music. Yes, it qualifies. And it's cool. I love those bass stabs in the low keys near the end. I like this side of you. I wanna hear more.

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For what it's worth, pushing buttons still requires skill. Skill in the form of knowing how music works, in knowing how to craft a soundscape, in knowing how to express emotions through music, in knowing how to do all of this with a piece of software, and in knowing how to edit it later... It's a different type of skill to, say, playing guitar, sure... But a skill nonetheless. And you definitely have skill in this area.

This was a mighty fine song! I really enjoyed it, and am kind of jealous, to be honest. :P

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This is fun. Very dance/pop sounding. Nadia you want to move and puts you in a good mood. GB is a powerful tool. You can do all sorts of things with it. I should try to learn it better.

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Did the same conversion except via iTunes. Interesting sets of loops, beats, and buttons :). I love the experimentation. A song is a song is a song. Dance 4

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Whether you're pushing buttons or keys or strings onto a fretboard, it's still music. And you're making decisions about the dynamics of what's going on - which is very evident when the piano comes in. Slick production and an enjoyable groove. Keep pushing those buttons Biggrin

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This has got a cool electro vibe - slightly soundtrack-y and that piano coming in would be the signal for something pretty dramatic to happen.

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I love when the piano drops! That really made my brain go "weeeeee!" This is a lot of fun. I clicked because of the title and stayed because... fun!

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Love it!
You have really come a long way with this technology.