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Liner Notes: 

Warning: the song is sad so if you aren't in the mood for sad songs, especially on Sunday, please feel free to ignore it.

I posted my instrumental here http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/31696 and I thought there might be some words for it. Yesterday I wrote my little lyrics and recorded my "vocals" just to give an idea how this song might sound. I made my instrumental sound slower so that the words wouldn't be rushes. If anyone feels like singing this song please let me know, would be nice to have a better demo. Thank you for listening and sharing your thoughts.


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So sad and moved me so much Nadia! The music fits perfectly and I am in awe of it!

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Very sad and very nicely performed, Nadia. I am so glad to hear you singing the lyrics; the piano and voice are making one heart-heavy regret-filled statement together. I really like your phrasing of the words; this would never have occurred to me. I'm so glad to have heard your musical vision for the entire song. And I like it in your own voice!

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so sad. your delivery suits it perfectly, i don't know why you put "vocals" in inverted commas, beautiful piano part as always and the elsewhere at the end is particularly poignant.

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Very touching great and heartfelt. Lovely piano as always. Great job