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Liner Notes: 

Its almost 2 in the morning...and I'm falling asleep at my DAW.
I used about 4 vocal samples from splice, played some atmospheric epicy type things with some choir and other pads, put some minimal drums on, and..zzzzzz...huh what...oh...and then said goodnight.
Since I discovered Splice, I feel I've found another facet of my musical self. Never had the opp for vocals before really, but now that I have become obsessed with vocal samples (and guitar samples, since I can't play guitar), adding them to my music like....unlocks the magic lol
I dunno.
I'm half-sleep, yo. (even forgot to actually post the song at first)

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Nice laid-back song, here. It's somewhat depressing, in a way, if that makes sense. Like, depressing in such a way that it helps the listener process these feelings. All in all, a helpful song, emotionally. Great work!

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Interesting vibe. Extremely atmospheric and some tantalising sonic glimpses of very different worlds; conjured through oneiromancy, perhaps? I like this a lot.

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That sounds really cool. I'm not used to synth voices sounding that good. This was very relaxing... reminded me a little of those Deep Forrest albums I loved so much in the 90s.