Please Believe Me When I Say Nothing

Please Believe Me When I Say Nothing

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Liner Notes: 

Random fun with 3/4 timing. I think. I don't know... But it sounds alright to me, so I'm posting it. Smile


Believe the lie.

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Dark, cold and electronic... just the way I like it. Where did you get the sinister vocal? Especially the whispered "Please" at the end. Wasn't expecting that at all, very jarring and unsettling (in a good way).

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Great title! Awesome title! Cool sounds to start. The dark vocal is minimalist but good. And even though I read the above comment and should have been expecting it, I agree the the 'please' at the end is a bit unsettling. But in a good way, for sure.

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I love these sounds. Dark electronica stuff is my jam. And the title is perfect Smile

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Really effing weird! Reminds me of The Residents ... all you need now is an eyeball on your head! Great swirly synths above that rhythmic one, which reminds me of Killing Joke's "Requiem" in its relentlessly sinister vibe. Sounds like it's coming to get me!

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You know, when computers become sentient and decide to exterminate us, this is the music that they will be playing as they do it.

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i like the contrast of the confident Believe the lie and the Please at the end. i like the higher triplet part of the main riff how it leads down into the relentless marching repeated part.

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This has a vibe that reminds me strongly of the late lamented Japanese synth wizard Isao Tomita, maybe mixed with a bit of Yellow Magic Orchestra. I could listen to more of this sort of stuff. Lots more.

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Wow! Thanks for your kind review of Choose. I really like the combination of timbres you use here... very dark and creepy... also compelling. I like that driving rhythm underneath it all. And the very last moment... super creepy. I hope I'm not being a complete tool when I point out that this is in 4/4. It's the teacher in me. I can't turn it off.

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Creepy and menacing. I love it!
That ending! YES!
Watch your back. Skynet is always watching.

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I like all the different cross-rhythm things going on here with the triplets and then the...I forget what this synth is called, the glassy one. Cool

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Nicely rhythmic analog and FM synthesis propelling this along. Yeah those vocals are sick.