Got Me

Got Me

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Liner Notes: 

Don't have a vocalist in my pocket so I gotta use what I got - Bones. You'll hear a lot of him.
Did this one quickly and left it rough. Mixing and arranging...uh...someone hit me in the eye while I was trying to do all uh...yeah Smile
Nah, I should work harder on this one later.


Staring off into the sky
Better than looking at reasons why

I'm running and I'm hiding,
Stay away, don't look for me
If anybody asks,
I'm right where you want me to be.

Got me where you want me
You got me where you want me

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what you have here would ake an excelent intro to an extended dance ..i can hear the heavy bass and drums kiicking where you leavve off.....and the while danceflor starts shaikng it down

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I like the vox. Sounds great to me. I've always wanted to play with a synthesized vocalist but never learned enough to know where to even start. I really liked the intro and I like the way you've gradually built the track. It has a good texture to it.

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I like the ambient swirling synths as well as the syncopated drumbeats.
I love your use of Bones on this. It's very melodic. The harmonies in the final couplet are nice. I like the emotive saxophone solo in the coda. When everything abruptly drops out at the end, it leaves me hanging; it blows me away quite frankly.