The Light of an Absent Morning

The Light of an Absent Morning

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Liner Notes: 

Best keyboard performance I've ever done, I think! No obvious errors, all one-take improvising. And oh my goth, it's so much easier to call a song done when you get it right right from the start! I've done really no editing to this... I might add reverb (maybe) when this winds up on the next Piano Fugue album, but for now, I'm happy with it as is. Marking this as a favourite, for sure! Especially as last night I tried recording a piano song, and wound up making so many mistakes that I abandoned the edits halfway through, after over an hour of trying to fix it "in the box"... So yes. MUCH happier with this one!



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One of the great things about improvising on Piano is the many textures you can produce from just letting go and allowing your fingers to run where they want to. This sounds very much like what I do when I'm improvising. Once you find something that resonates with you it's time to flesh it out. Really nice work here Smile

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Oooh sort of haunting and beautiful at the same time. Nice!~

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Good atmospheric piece – it’s calming and melancholy, with some darker turns every now and then; it certainly conveys a mood. Nice playing - I wouldn’t have guessed you were improvising.

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Wistful and melancholy for sure, but also with hints of upliftment to come. The left and right hands sound like a conversation or dancing partners trading moves. Nice one!

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A bit melancholy, a bit hopeful. Some interesting counterpoint type stuff there. And yeah a great title!

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perfect title for it. can just picture someone noodling on the piano as the first sunlight beams in waiting for the first cuppa of the day to cool enough to drink. i love the headspace of improvised tracks, kinda trance like, i love the carefree expression in this, fantastic for a one take impro, love the last chord.

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Very dark and lovely, like a piece of dark chocolate slowly melting. Interesting ideas, with plenty of space, and a fab mood and title.

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I listened to this last week but had to run off before commenting. That's a fantastic title, btw. I like the nice, quiet melancholy feeling you've created...the sort of feel-good melancholy that I like. What would the light of an absent morning feel/look like? Like this?

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I, too, love the title. And enjoyed the sparse piano playing that still manages to create a sense of tension and maybe longing or a hint of sadness.