Rain on the Roof

Rain on the Roof

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Finally the internet at home! And we finally got some rain. Chip has done some great music and vocals now!


Rain on the Roof
© 2018 Cindy Prince

Softly at first
Then plop-many drops!
Now there's proof
On the tin roof
It's raining!

Lightning flashes
Then boom!
Thunder crashes
Rain splashes
It's raining!

Rain on the roof
A welcome sound
The rain comes down
In sheets
Rain on the roof
Birds searching for worms
Just after the storm
That smells so sweet

It's been so dry with parched leaves
Now rain on the eaves
Is so pleasent to hear
I'll stay right here
And listen

Kids venture out
It's raining!

Birds taking baths
Then a flash!
I take picture
Just to capture
It's raining!

Repeat chorus

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kahlo2013's picture

You capture the beauty and joy that comes with a needed summer rain. I can almost hear the rain and smell its freshness from your words. Nice write as always, Cindy!

musicsongwriter's picture

Beautiful lyrics. Love the descriptions. So glad you have the Internet and the rain. Our grass turned yellow because of all the heat.

Kingwood Kowboy's picture

Is so pleasant to hear
I'll stay right here
And listen

I can picture this line, then a pause. Good writing.

Chip Withrow's picture

I love this - really cool meter and rhyme! And I dig a good rain song, too.
We had an unusual summer dry spell here in Southwest Florida a couple weeks ago, but now we're back to our usual rainy season patterns.
(And yes - I'd love to put music to this one! I'll do that over the weekend. I've been looking for another ukulele song.)

cindyrella's picture

I love it! It sounds like rain! Thanks so much-it is totally delightful!

kahlo2013's picture

Awe! Loved the lyrics before and love it even more with the wonderfully delightful easy going feel of the music. Perfect delivery and phrasing of the vocals and the picking is reminiscent of a lovely summer rain. Really enjoyed my listen!

musicsongwriter's picture

What a beautiful collaboration. I love the lyrics and the music feel for it, so lovely to listen to, so gentle and laid back. Delightful to listen to. The music beautifully captured the lyrics. Loving your sweet song.

Adnama17's picture

Super! Made me smile.
The uke sounds like the rain drops. The bridge vocal has an hopeful expectation to it.
I can see this all in my mind's eye. Every drop.

darcistrutt's picture

Sweet little song!! Love the melody with these cute words. It needed to be a happy sound and it is!! Wonderful collab!