Heathen Dreams

Heathen Dreams

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Liner Notes: 

Song number 9. Just stream of consciousness lyrics, when I put some chords to them they sounded better than I was expecting, and it was quite fun.


Heathen dreams washed the memories
barricaded by resentment
through the woods of love ran the deer
chased by emerald shadows
that had come to be the background
that could set them free
and the making of the juice that fed
the small shoot, and it grew
and it spread, and it lived, and fell
and it was captured by the silence

Lying soft and low on the floor
hardened by feet that stepped
across the cold arms of nature
I'd be gone by nowand you were saying
to the bindweed wrapped around
the stems of the creator
that you'd drawn in the picture
in chalk on the bare earth
there's an answer to everything you said
to the stillness enraptured by the mindless

And days will steal the seeds away
and hours will make the rain disdain
the calling of dependency
that never needs no never needs
to know it's name
and this was all there was again

Copyright Frances Smith @2018

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kahlo2013's picture

This turned out so beautifully for the stream of consciousness. Your vocals are really gentle and tender! Nice flow and phrasing.

billwhite51's picture

your guitar is also speaking in stream of consciousness. or maybe its the guitar that is pulling all those words ad images out of your id. in greek tragedy,, it was always the music that invoked the play

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Very nice flow of poetic images ... the picture in chalk, the day that steal the seeds away, the emerald shadows. Lovely performance as well!

Aging Ophelia's picture

My stream-of-consciousness would be a string of four letter words, but this, instead, is a fairy-tale with fabulous, mystical gaps that leave me wondering, and lovely poetic phrasing. I'm reminded, for some reason that isn't really apparent, of Tolkien's wonderful allegorical short story, Leaf by Niggle. Perhaps because this song blooms outside of the typical narrative as well.

Klaus's picture

It's clearly about nature as something sacred and our complicated relationship with it. But this suggestion probably tells more about me than the song. It's beautiful but also feels like something has been lost. Relatively brisk guitar strumming adds a feeling of urgency. This is like something between a dream and a fairy tale.