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Adnama 17: I think I was drawn to this one because of it's last line. A theme seems to be emerging, see my first song posted. Not my best vocal performance, but any time I can work with LadyRed's lyrics is a good day. Smile


This bed is empty
Without you in it
We have a story
I want to begin

Let's fill it with love
Let's fill it with trust
Before our hearts
Begin to rust

So come to me
And sleep in peace
Let this connection
Quiet the beast

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Love this collaboration - the quiet delivery and your vocal phrasing are perfect for the poetic longing of this love lyric. I agree that last line is is wonderful.

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i like the earnest simplicity in the singer's gentle pleas. she doesnt ask for much, but will receive everything.

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I enjoyed that. The plaintive vocal and the uke work well together, and I liked the way it builds up in intensity as it progresses.
That last line throws ap all sorts of images. When there's an animal loose in the bed, I swear by chicken wire pyjamas.

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Really lovely laid-back vocals and melancholic atmosphere. I misheard "Let's fill it with trust" as "Let's fill it with drugs," which also works! Quieting the beast is a powerful image.