Elk Trails

Elk Trails

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Liner Notes: 

Another strange one like Amazon Guides. The vocals are just me talking about adventures with an elk in the woods. I think something about Big Foot is happening too. Then of course I needed to reverse parts at random and add a smooth shuffely beat at some point.


Forest of cray cray cray

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© 2018 Sara Janda Artwork

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Fuzzy's picture

Disconcerting, which is not a bad thing.
Weird enough to appeal to me.
The unintelligible vox are great; they add to the unsettling atmosphere.
There's quite a bit of rock 'n' roll hidden in the folds of this tune.
Great little guitar figure there at the end.
Consider yourself Watchlisted!

Susan Cantey's picture

Cute drawing BTW This could be in a sci fi movie for sure. The vocal is truly cray cray!

billwhite51's picture

this sounds like something from the old tv SF show, The Outer Limits. except it would have freaked everybody out in 1964. ,,i like how the SF sountracks mutates into a demented rock and roll song at the two minute mark

brandondale_72's picture

Holy shit, the most unique thing I've heard this 50/90! I feel like I'm sitting in a dark theatre with a horror movie on the screen, and then the partial resolve comes, which is pulsating, driven and really absorbs the listener. Very interesting and original work here!