Soft Side

Soft Side

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Show me your soft side
The one I've been craving
Show me your soft side

Show me your best side
Loving and tender
Show me your best side

Naked in the firelight
Defences down
If just for one night
Skin lit by the moonlight
Hearts open
If just for this night

Two souls flow together
Flying high
On charged emotion
Sharing sacred union
We are
Two lost in devotion


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Lyrics are intimate like in a ballad. Lots of nice, sensual lines like "Skin lit by the moonlight".The nervous percussive and metallic sounds add an intense urgent feel to them. And the melodies are memorable too. Klaus likes it! Smile

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Oh, I'm not too sure about showing my soft side to this person; the delivery seems a little creepy and threatening.
I feel like this is a song about submission.
Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's just a love song.
The little piano outro seems ominous to me.....
Anyway, I liked it a lot.
Well done!

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I like the succinct focused lyric. Your vocal is hauntingly good. This is enthralling & spooky! Good job.

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i like how you build thiis ultra modern groove on a classic rock bass line, when the arrangemet comes to into its fullness, it come out a cross between the cocteau twins and new order.

Ah, good one. I'd push the sensual aspect of the sonic mind pictures. "Soft side", brings in the clap-beat, or close to it (could be on beat too); and in considering the technical view point of the "call/response" setup, --allot can be said with a vocal note-groan, etc. in the reaction/response phrase. It made me look for K. Minogue to see examples and found a few. Anyway, the foundation beat, first measure is a great one, nice L/R separation and orchestration.

Edit: I notice in her "can't get you out of my head" track/video, she is doing what I hear as a triple R/L/R with time shift of her vocal track and as is/can be done, she/they EQ (same dup'd track), one track extreme treble, so she's not sounding "processed" and is her vocal, but gives that gritty/smooth sound, dimentional-recording. (Hard to do live, unless "Rush" with surround in the Venue :), but, hey, this/it's a "record".)

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This is very cool! Such a lovely mix of electronica and your outstanding vocals! It is a modern ballad! I really love the lyrics especially when you got to "Naked in the firelight"!!! Oh and I just love, Love, LOVE how your add the extra vocal layers sometimes! This is an awesome new song!

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I'm reminded of Hot Chip.
The playfulness of the music, paired with that vulnerable vocal, and the vivid/provocative lyrics.
'Crap Kraft Dinner' comes to mind, specifically.
This is a great track! That ending!