Silly Sally

Silly Sally

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Liner Notes: 

I took simpleiscomplex's rendition of Silly Sally and changed the chords to G, D, C in Eb tuning, from the original morph which was a take on The Entertainer, the ragtime classic. I had a lot of fun seeing how I could change 50% without altering the mood too much. Biggrin

Morph Chain #1

IF YOU ARE IN MORPH CHAIN #1, DON'T LISTEN TO THIS SONG UNTIL YOU DO YOUR PART OF THE CHAIN (except of course for the person immediately after me, we don't want to make things too difficult). Smile


Silly Sally used to dally
Among the jazzmen
Along Tin Pan Alley
Danced the can can
Singing shrilly
Oh that Sally
She was silly

She waved her knees
She waved her hair
She played piano without a care
Up and down that Tin Pan Alley
She was silly
Oh that Sally

Now Sally attends a Pride rally
Fifty years later
In Silicon Valley
Still dancing wildly
Though it's hilly
Oh that Sally
Still so silly

With flying feet
And flyaway hair
And the latest ragtime synth software
Up and down Silicon Valley
Sweet and silly
That's my Sally

© 2018 Sara Janda Artwork

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Well done, good song standing on its own, I remember enjoying the original, and I love your morph of ot also

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This has some fun rhymes and phrases and sounds just delightful! Nice vibe and awesome vocals!

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There's this wonderful summer from New Zealand called Kath Tait who sings lovely songs that are just a snapshot of someone's life, usually an outcast who's done ok against the odds. This could be one of her songs. The storytelling is lovely and the delivery is equally endearing. Nicely done! Now to work out what I'm going to do to it!

Really like what you did with this, how you changed it up. The artwork is cool, too. Great singing. I can't wait to hear the rest of the chain.

Cicpisces's picture

Great morph. Gave it a real energy. Great vocal. Nice work.