Solitude and Safety

Solitude and Safety

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Liner Notes: 

A song about personal experiences with PTSD. They say fear is to help our ancient brains survive and keep us safe, well in that case, I live in a very safe brain. This is for anyone who can relate, whether taken literally or metaphorically. If this speaks to you, then lets collab Smile


Scary thoughts often creep in my mind
They lie in wait, and strike my vulnerable side
The crux of this, is that I'm seemingly calm
Yet inside my peace is already gone

Time to run and hide
And fortify through the night
There could be monsters outside
So please leave on the lights

Just as soon as the clock lets me leave
I'm in my car and quickly turning the key
Driving cautiously to hopeful safety
A place where danger will just let me be

Now I make sure that I lock all my doors
And as I move, I check for cracks in the boards
When I'm home, there's no need to perform
Until a threat disturbs the peace I'm here for


Alternate/extra lyrics to work with:

Fight or flight will often replace
The joy and comfort of enjoyable days
My trust in life, is wearing me thin
This chaos mind, leaves me rotten within

Trauma and stress infests me like a disease
Disordered thoughts make me sweat through my sheets
I know for most, their life isn't a breeze
But this paranoia makes me weak in the knees

The news cycle drills
The phone buzzing chills
The pain body ills
The cold window sills

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metalfoot's picture

Strong lyrics. My wife suffers from PTSD as well; I have some glimpses into that world from time to time. If you don't have it fully set to music before I get back in August, I would love to work on this song with you.

musicsongwriter's picture

Very strong lyrics Peter. Hope to hear them in music. You described the feelings so well.

tcelliott's picture

I like how you describe the difference between outward appearance and your feelings right in the very first verse. And I think everyone can relate to leaving on the lights whether it was from childhood or (much) more recently. A wide subject to write about, but I think you've done it well.

kahlo2013's picture

Very vivid perceptive images that demonstrate insights into and empathy for those with PTSD. You portray the real angst and fear and life altering anxiety and stress that one may experience. I look forward to the music!

Like everyone else is saying here, tremendous lyrics. Really wonder how the music will unfold to something like this. Great work!