'I Wish I Knew​.​.​.​'

'I Wish I Knew​.​.​.​'

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Liner Notes: 

Thank you so much Kristi and Val for your beautiful collaboration.
My instrumental music was posted here: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/30679
Kristi created very moving nostalgic lyrics and Val sang the song beautifully adding the vocal melody.

Thank you to everyone for listening and sharing your thoughts.


'I Wish I Knew...'
©2018 Nadia Cripps (music), Kristi McKeever (lyrics) and Valerie Cox (vocal melody).
Vocals: Valerie Cox, Piano: Nadia Cripps.
Demo: Nadia Cripps and Valerie Cox.

In October’s breeze
Riding bikes down the street
We’d find the tennis courts
Play until we were bored

O’l December’s cold
And concerts for the bold
Our idols helped up feel
Emotions on wheels

I wish I knew
When we were young
Our time together
Could not be outdone
So happy and free

Though Spring brings rain
We play ball anyway
Run around the bases
Cool drops on our faces

Summer in the pool
Late night broken rules
Big mistakes
And heartbreaks

I wish I knew
When we were young
Our time together
Could not be outdone
So happy and free

Seasons trace
A place in time
Don’t forget
What’s left behind

I wish I knew
When we were young
Our time together
Could not be outdone
So happy and free


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Lovely piano and melody. They reflect the lyric very well. I like the use of October's breeze and December's cold. And moving on to whole seasons which gives a subtle sense of progression and added weight. This is a well crafted song all around.

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Damn this is good. The lyrics "Our idols helped us feel emotions on wheels" really struck me, along with the chord choices. Performances are clearly coming from a place of passion, from vocals to piano. Freaking great collab Nadia, Val and Kristi!

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Aww this is such a lovely song that evokes a poignant nostalgic feel. The lyrics and music paint a beautiful and insightful image. The vocals and piano are tender and gentle. Well done!

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I like it. Nostalgic and a bit painful in every way, lyrically, musically and vocally. Also a very nice tribute to childhood memories.

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Oh how lovely! I knew this had to be wonderful with 3 of my favorites and it is indeed! I love it so much!

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the nostalgia of the music and lyrics is sheer prosody! the trip through the seasons is a great unifying device, and bully for tying that up in the bridge.the uneven lines of the chorus contribute to the slightly off-kilter feel of the bittersweet nostalgia. quite the collaboration!

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triple threat with kristi, valerie, and nadia, so watch out. this song is a rollercoaster of emotion, just like kristi's phrase, emotion on wheels, that what you get with this collaboration. the melodies soar, the harmonies cradle, and the lyrics bring out the suburban archetypes hiding within everyday events.

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Well this is just lovely. The sentiment is really sweet and something I think a lot of us can relate to. It reminds me a little of some of those great ballads from the 70s.

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This is lovely. I could hear this as a sound clip to a dramatic montage scene in a movie. What a great collaboration.