Barefoot Sand Dancing

Barefoot Sand Dancing

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Barefoot Sand Dancing - original music by Armadillos After Dark

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Something fun

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How could you not listen to this with that title. Thought i was back in Bali for a while - then i moved continent. Nice build. I saw camels in the distance.

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The syncopated rhythm got me interested and the layering kept the momentum going.

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I like the slow build.
I'm a big fan of repetitive grooves, so this really appealed to me.
Kind of like sinister bellydancing music, like she's gonna whip out a knife and attack somebody without breaking step.
Nice! Well done!!

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This puts me right on the beach, watching the culture and life around me. The growing movement from beginning to end kept my attention and also makes me want to dance just a tad :-p

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Definitely hearing an Egyptian vibe here. Love it!

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I also came for the title! Great production, great vibe and very soothing