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Liner Notes: 

Song number 8. This had a couple of rewrites.


Fountain was grey, statue was still
water was flowing, was sweet
was translucent, was caught
by the system that was there to contain it
and you were washed by the spilling
of drops that broke free
from the constantly moving, returning, repeating

Following the ghost that was sleeping
inside you I saw you had faith
that was rising like thick mist
and here are the arms, and the hands
and the eyes that you saw
in the distance like pictures of prisons
and pictures of perfection
of the goddess you lost

Fountain was grey, like a scene
from an old dream often recurring
but never for learning
and you'd been creating a man who was golden
and thinking there was no other way
existing, except under lights that created only shadows and lies

And there in the garden
was the greenness of growing trapped
;like a scene that was never for chainging

repeat chorus

and you were the ghost

Copyright Frances Smith @2018

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Guitar chugs along nicely here, with your delicate voice floating atop. It also goes well with the "constantly moving, returning, repeating" idea. Love the "pictures of prisons, pictures of perfection" contrast and the dark finality of the last line -- there's something haunting about ending it with "you were the ghost." I like your avoidance of the mundane and your ongoing creation of a dreamlike and hazy world. Very poetic!

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I like the imagery, you open with it and set a tone right from the start. I love the 'created shadows and lies' line a ton. And that last line, what a way to end it. And the guitar propels the lyric along nicely.

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i like the way you shake up the phrasing here. very unusual rhythm on the guitar opens up the avenues of recitation. keep em coming. it is always a pleasure to wake up to a new frances smith song.