Hey Kranz!!!

Hey Kranz!!!

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Liner Notes: 

So I wasn't going to participate, but I figured why not. Worked on this song last night after it sat for over a year. Posted it and decided it's gonna be my first song for 50/90.
I really like the beatbox samples I used for the drums, it gives the song life and allowed me to get over the hump I had about this track.
Found some vocal samples I liked that just fit as I was auditioning them with the track playing in the background.
Din Daa Daa is one of my all time favorites and I'm feeling good about my little silly homage.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Such a fun song! Loads of strong energy here. Makes me want to move! Glad you're on board with 50/90. It's a hell of a ride. Smile

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Hey thank you very much! It really feels good to hear something you created made people want to move it move it lol
I really appreciate this.

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Splitty splitty boom boom brother! This was dynamite! I was so much fun listening to this! I felt like I was back in the 80s in some spots, in the 90s in other spots, and having a hell of a time the whole way through! Its the right kind of messy, the best type of catchy, and just the right amount of groove! 10/10 brother! Biggrin

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Hey man nice to see a familiar name. Thanks for your words, really gave me a boost. "The right kind of messy", I love this and that it came across that way to you. Was going to quantize one of the little vocal things then I was like nah.
But thank you again, made my day.
Hope your endeavors are going well.

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This makes me remember the early days with trackers in the early 90s - we used to sample everything! I like the experimental energy, thanks, man!

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Such funky, beat-boxy fun! Sounds tremendous, full of life and vitality that all comes together as a joyful celebration. I'm so glad I stumbled across this!

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So much energy! These are great samples and you use them really well! Definitely armchair dancing listening to this. It's very funky. I like the very warm bass vocal and that more baritone voice that comes in sometimes juxtaposed against the brighter more energetic beatbox sounds. It really gets me going! I had a lot of fun listening to this!

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One of the songs I thought I had commented on long time ago but now see that I didn't...
Remember Din-daa-daa from back in the day. Lovely how you transport those energy elements into the now.