Picking Blackberries with Chiggers

Picking Blackberries with Chiggers

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Liner Notes: 

When I read these fun lyrics by Cindy I knew I had to do something with them. I figured an old school country talkin' tune would fit well. I used Band in a Box to make the instrumental. Enjoy some blackberries hopefully without the chiggers.


Pickin’ Blackberries with Chiggers
© 2018 Cindy Prince

I was lookin’ forward to pickin’ berries with Pop
Once I started pickin’ I didn’t want to stop
That is until the chiggers started diggin’ in
Then I never wanted to pick those berries again

Don’t get me wrong, I really love those berries
But those critters can be quite contrary
Every time I decided to plop a berry in my mouth
I’d start to itch and scratch somewheres down south

Yeah, I keep on itchin’, keep on bitchin’
Scratching like there’s no end in sight
I don’t want to live, so somethin’ s gotta give
Cause I can’t take one more bite

I can put up with the thorns pricklin’ my thumb
I know when pickin’ berries, this is how they come
I can put up with the juice bound to make a stain
But those chiggers, they is drivin’ me insane!

I love to eat them fresh, right off the vine
I love to make some jam and some good ol’ homemade wine
But as long as I am alive, as long as I keep kickin’
I’m gonna let somebody else do all the pickin’

Repeat chorus

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Berries = good
Chiggers = bad
Song = good
Collab = great


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Oh man. I remember the one and only time i got the chiggers. Those little suckers make you miserable. This song made me remember that so well, but also made me want jam. Smile I like the country sound. Goes perfect with the lyrics.

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I am going to try again to comment (said error). Its Perfect! Made me smile and itch a little! Thanks!

The perfect delivery for these nice lyrics. Had to translate chiggers. Great collab

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I do indeed like the talkin' country treatment and then the smooth, soulful singing of the chorus. Great musical treatment, excellent and hilarious and vivid lyrics. Wonderful collab, fun listen.