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Liner Notes: 

Alex says: I ran across this lyric (*31519) by @CrystalGLyrics and it struck me as amusing and worth a try to set to music. Crystal's been a pleasure to work with.


I haven't seen or
heard from you
Snapchats not working
Skype went out

Facebook's got you on lock
Instagram was hacked
Twitter's alright but
Myspace shut down

Your text aren't coming through
Calls can't be completed
At this time,
No voicemail box

It seems like
excuse after excuse

Maybe you should find
a new little fool that
you can use,
one who will believe
your sorry excuse

There's a reason why
I don't believe, Maybe
one day you'll see it too

It seems like
excuse after excuse

Honey this is the
century of technology
It may work when
it wants to but
I see through your

It seems like
excuse after excuse

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Great work here. You have combined witty lyrics and good music very well.

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Nice! As tech advances, the 'I'm going into a tunnel' excuse gets less and less effective.


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Thank you all!!
I love it an Alex has been an honor to work with.
Sometimes we just need to have some fun....

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Maybe it's time to meet face to face...?
Great lyrics, and I like the world-weary vocal delivery.
Appealing chord sequence, too.
Nice little whistling solo there.
Good job, folks!

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Great colab. Really bouncey with great lyrics.