Farewell Vicar

Farewell Vicar

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Liner Notes: 

In the parlance of the church I'm part of, a 'vicar' is a student studying to be a pastor. We have a farewell dinner for our vicar tomorrow (Friday) night, as his year-long practicum in our congregation is complete and it's time for him to go back to school to finish his studies. I'll be singing this brief song at him. (You may remember I sung a song at our vicar last year, too.)

He likes to joke that he was named after Lief/Leif Ericksen, so that's the "namesake" thing.

Vicar Lief liked his song. Smile


To our vicar whose life's wanderings
Have taken him much further than his namesake
To our vicar whose year here with us
Has taken him much further than he'd have guessed
To our vicar whose year ends so soon
And who has become a part of our community
To our vicar who is leaving us
God bless and keep you as you go!

Dear Vicar Lief
God bless and keep you as you go
Dear Vicar Lief
God grant you His strength and peace
Dear Vicar Lief
God's grace may you always know
Dear Vicar Lief
May your joy in Christ always increase.

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i love the melody and repwsectful manner in which you deliver the lyrics in the first part. the second uptempo part has the feel of a community sing rather than a single persons address. it is a bit like the happu birthday song we sing in peru with the cake. the first part solemn and respectful, the secons part jjoyful and celebratory

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Lovely. I had to find out what the song was about, because of the title. As Bill says, the change in mood is very effective, as it is both sad to see someone leave, but also exciting, and a happy event, when they move on to something new and exciting.

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I like how direct and succinct and heartfelt this is, but I wanted to hear more! Delightful song - that "Dear Vicar Lief" line is super catchy, too.

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This is a lovely gesture - I'm sure he was chuffed and humbled to be an inspiration for a song - would love to see an update in your linear notes how the song was received that night