I Think We're Done Here

I Think We're Done Here

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Liner Notes: 

I SWORE I wasn't going to write before work. But when am idea comes it comes. IDK what genre this is. Rap? Rock? Angry girl (is that its own genre?!?!)

Now I have to go do that thing that pays bills!


Washed out cast about
Expired and retired
Liquidated. Devastated

We’ve ceased. Got released
Suspended and just ended
Diminished. Oh so finished

I think we’re done here

In ruins. Done a brewin’
Bulldozed and very closed
Defeated and completed

All spent. Gone and went
Through. I bid adieu
Concluded and deluded

I think we’re done here

Drained. Stained
Out of time. Met our deadline
Love deleted and depleted

Mislead and seein’ red
Discarded and departed
Over. Emptied. Done.
Just all out of fun.

I think we’re done here

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you could run in a lot of fifferent directions with these lyrics, anywhere from dylans all i really want to do to a rap track, cool rhymes throughout

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All spent. Gone and went. Exactly how I feel tonight. Love the pithy phrases and rhymes.

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It's always best to grab the ideas when they strike! The lyric has a good cadence and then the hook comes in nicely to differentiate itself and make that statement. Very effective. Good rhymes. I'm not good with genres, but think music could identify it depending upon which way it goes.

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Great rhythm in these lyrics. I can see this going many different directions. Nice work!

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Wanted to thank all for the comments before this thing ends! SO THANK YOU ALL!