Songbird Singer

Songbird Singer

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Songbird Singer (Larry W Jones 7/18/2018) (song #7243)

Well, I'm a songbird singer, that I am told
I'm a dead ringer for an album of gold
And when downtown Nashville hears all about me
A rich bell ringer will bow down on his knee

I'll sing at the Ryman and Opry's big stage
My first paycheck will swell as more I get paid
I'm a songbird singer, I sing all the scales
My royalties will swell with gold record sales


Then I woke up but the night dream lingered on
I picked up my guitar and strummed a sad song
A songbird singer I had been in dreams told
A real dead ringer for an album of gold

Well, Nashville will never hear all about me
A rich bell ringer I guess I'll never see
Yeah, I'm a songbird singer, that I was told
But here in Nashville I'm still out in the cold

Well, I'm a songbird singer, a dead ringer
For an album of gold

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A dead ringer, love it! I guess, not being Country in the music sense, I look on askance at the suicidal pull Nashville seems to exercise. But then increasignly I'm coming to hate the music industry, the arts fraternity, and just about everybody it seems, and I'd rather play to a happy small country hall where people enjoy and throw some tips around....what a rant, it's been a not-good day. Back to the song: it's the old tale, but never seems to suffer from a fresh look. I liked this lyric!

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Hello Tim. Oh, rants! I agree with you. Elvis said he liked the small gatherings the most. Dreamers and their dreams do get sucked into the Nashville vortex. I recently (last year) wrote "Dream Sweeper In Nashville" which has garnered quite a following among artists who will record it. I might post it here on 50/90 even though it isn't new.