Two ships in time

Two ships in time

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Liner Notes: 

oneslowtyper I like songs that end on a happy note.

I personally like the comparisons in V1 and V3 that show the two souls "almost" meeting.

Coolparadiso - when i read the lyrics i couldnt get them out of my head - i heard the song - been busy but a little break appeared at the right time - so hope i did these great lyrics justice - i didnt change any lyrics at all but did slightly change where the solos where and repeated the last verse.


Two Ships in Time

She walked across the desert…
She swam across the ocean…
She climbed the highest mountain
To be free

She searched for many lifetimes
She hoped one day that she’d find
That someone who remains
A mystery

It seems time and space colluded
To deny her destiny
Two souls were set adrift
Their ships were never meant to meet…


He got lost in the sand dunes…
Was rescued from a riptide…
And climbed the second-highest
Mountain peak

He searched throughout the cosmos
And hoped someday that he’d know
The reason he’s denied
His destiny

It seems time and space denied him
Of the rendezvous he seeks
Two ships passed in the twilight
Will love ever come to be…

They say that fate is fickle
And each spirit has a twin
Were the Gods just being spiteful?
Keeping her away from him…


It seems time and space and even God
Were standing in the way
And when hope was weighing thin
Their spirits finally overcame…

And once again, love found a way…

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No wonder you couldn't get this lyric out of your head! And wow, what a song it became! Bravo!

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Bravo! I really liked the lyrics when oneslowtyper posted them, and now I get to hear them. I like the slide guitar. I didn't expect a country song. I love to be surprised. Hooray!

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Beautiful lyrics. And that guitar! Love it. The song overall has a slower energy to it, which makes sense given the subject matter. Sounds bittersweet to me. Or perhaps even into melancholy territory...

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Not sure what I liked best - the part John did, or the part John did. LOL
Only kidding, I absolutely love the part you did John, it feels part sea-shanty, part country ballad, and if it wasn't for the lyrics being posted you would not see the end coming that came.
I couldn't have wished for a nicer collaboration. Thanks John.

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I like the happy ending, and the rather mysterious images of the wandering souls. Very pretty guitar--love the slide solo, and the weary vocal style works well with the languid feel of the music. Well done both!

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My theme song right here folks! The bridge lyrics are the best. I vote the Fates are spiteful. I've often thought that God was just messing with us, twisted goofball that He is. And after we've been so nice to Him and everything! Geez!
Great musical setting for the lyrics too!
High five!

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Fantastic song! The lyrics convey that the impossible is possible if we don't give up and that love wins! The country folk feel works really well. Lovely sound.

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I never thought about this before, as this is still drying on the paper, but this would also work well if I put V3 with V1 and V4 with V2.

It would. But i think the way it is is right. It created a bouncy flow being like this. It felt like going back and forwards i think that was its strength, i think 3,1,4 2 is actually more obvious and plainer. I noticed this when i first read it!

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You convinced me John, I don't want to be obvious or plain. LOL

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Really well-crafted lyrics, with a great flow. Love the lazy country vibe of the music and the light-yet-slightly gritty vocal.

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Beautiful. What a performance of these gorgeous lyrics. Almost a Roger Withaker feeling. Lovely