Oh My Josephine

Oh My Josephine

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Liner Notes: 

"Oh, My, Josephine", (c) ustaknow (alias) 2018 all rights reserved

- Wrote lyric during FAWM 2018
- 08 April 2018, set to melody, music, arranged. demo'd
- 18July2018, arranged and demo'd for 5090_2018; this track

It was interesting to me the women that liked this one, -- cool with me.

She is a real character. In former lyrics, she was "kimbo", who brought crazy to her world, and was a "type" that fit the majority of folks in my life then, male or female, -- absolutely lacking all impulse control, "crazy" Crazy Oh, well, -- love the one your with until it's safe to move Lol

Additionally, -- I have been trying to make a habit of breaking "format", formula as I progress with lyrics. However not lose logical structure becoming some esoteric sound, mind-picture file.

Also, the other day, I thought I lost my "old Laptop" with my DAW and etc... so quickly grabbed another and etc. and being diligent with backups. However, regardless of all of that I am pushing myself to just "grab" as many instruments, as may fit, as quickly as possible and get "demo" creation time down by rote practice. I can do a phone demo in no time, and DAW demo in like, 20mins and now a more mixed track in about an hour, -- sometimes 3hours. But, all things considered would like to get a good as possible one, sans Drum Kit to an hour. The Drum Kit is coming... -- just mic'd for hearing protection now, not recording... uh, well, so... little bit at a time, little bit at a time but asap! Smile

And, because it's "5090", -- I do get some ear fatigue... but don't want to wait to post. So, after 3 - 4 days, I may adjust the demo mix... then listened to on "other" equipment and can hear stuff to hot/soft, wonky, and etc. So, no, you're not crazy Crazy ? if come back and sounds different, -- it may Smile But, these are still sketches. Oh, and..., I do tend to keep the original one-take vocal so as not to loose initial idea-feel and back-in the other stuff. Heck, I'm not "making" records... just songs, but do want them tightly defined to then play consistently.


Em e Am c
There's a woman 'cross the room, I used to know ... 
Em Am // //
She never did, love me, right ... 
F Am G
Now she's looking, mighty, mean tonight ... // //  2x’s

\Em Am
Crazy cousin Judge let her out, parole
Em Am
Thank God I got lean, last time she go …
F Am G
I'm gonna run now, no time to…, rock and roll ... // //  2x’s

F \Am \Em
Well, well, !well!, 2x’s
Josephine... ... ... you're... so damn mean 2x’s
Em G
Packed, so fine, and streamline lean, 
Am F Am Em G // //
My Josephine…, --how many men, you gonna make scream 
F \Am \Em [Am 2nd, 3rd x FH to lyric]
Well, well, !well!, 3x’s

G F Am G
Josephine…, Josephine... oh my, mean, ... Josephine 
(G - drone)
[ Freshly jeaned, like ], [ buttermilk cream ]
F Am Em
All while hole stomp’in, in, the  …
Em Am Am // //
-- cracks, of your need 

G F Am ^ G v
Mean, mean..., oh my, ... Josephine ...  Awww…
G (G – drone)
Please… … , don't come back..., my Josephine ...  2x’s

F Am C
For you it's not love, without the shove … --and 
F Am D
I need a good heart..., without morphine love …

G [ *2nd x – F *3rd x - C ]
My … Josephine … (3x’s)
G // //
Come back to me … … …

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Love the bluesy vibe in this! So many great lines as well. Top notch stuff!

Nice love the guitar on this. you had me with all the Em and Am always attracted to songs with them in. shes some girl that Josephine.

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i can understand why women like this song, bcuse they dislike this kind of woman even more than guys do. and so many guys get fooled by these mean women that when one steos up to tell it like it is, it is encouraging to the women who are not mean. the song? its a great one.

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i is great because of how he guitar rhythms work with the melody, how your voce drops at the end of some lines, and how the electric lead guitar rises out of the melody at certain moments. but is it purple rain great? not quite. purple rain great is when 15,000 individuals, each with their own tastes and personalitite, are with you for every beat of the song , perhas some of those repeated lnes in the second half of the song dont need to be repeated or..id they are, maybe you need another erse to break it up. and maaybe song. every great song doesnt have to be purple rain great and most are not...ad shouldnt be. i, for one, like the song just the way it is,

-- Thank you for that. I know some folks "just sing away"... and I do too, but, at some point, those are the deliberate elements to address.

I just saw a "review" video engaging the Stones, again, and within it was stated that, -- within the Exile album, ~one~ song had 50 hours of "tape" ... so, one has to know "they" were looking where/how to sing "get, no and satisfaction" and be --behind/ahead the beat to bring in the next phrase.

Other interview, Charlie says, he was always miliseconds behind Keith because that's just how it was, had to be, and/but was the/a/another reason for their sound. (I've had to "follow" a guitar player, not "set" the followed beat... -- can be a nightmare and many refuse to do it. But, on the other hand, it's why I've been able to drop in drums (sometimes) into tracks that didn't even have a click.) Charlie is a far better drummer than most may realize for many reasons. But I digress, yet again

Anyway, thanks for taking the time! It is much appreciated.

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What a great song! It's not a love song. It's not a break up song. It's not quite an outlaw song. It's a little of all three! I can picture Josephine very clearly in my mind. And stylistically you perform this very well. I know we aren't supposed to talk performance, but style elements are part of the composition process, so they're interconnected.