Butterflies in the evening

Butterflies in the evening

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Liner Notes: 

I think it took me longer to find the photo then to compose this piece. Anyway, it's short so I'm not sure it would work as a song, might do though? If you hear anything here please let me know.
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So pretty, Nadia! I love the happy yet contemplative feel to the melody here.

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I think there's definitely room for this on an album. Maybe as an interlude? Like, you have the longer, more fleshed-out songs at start and finish, but put this in the middle of the album as a palette cleanser? Because it sounds good to me, so I see no reason to exclude it based purely on length. So yeah, I'd be looking at the traditional "shorter songs" areas - intro, interlude, outro. Smile

youve got me back listening to piano! your stuff is just lovely