Slow Insanity

Slow Insanity

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Liner Notes: 

Playing around with my new favorite phone app again. I decided to try out the vocoder using some samples I got online. Let me know what you think.


You have lost your mind

I hope so

What the hell is wrong with you

You have lost your mind

I hope so

Wait, I know what I'm doing

You have lost your mind.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I grew up around this type of electronic music. My brother was a prof and doctoral student at CCM and taught electronic music. So I rather enjoyed this. Excellent mixing and beat.

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I wish I could understand Caustic a little more. Really nice work, here!

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I'm still learning but to get the sound you want you really have to mess with the controls on the synths. I'm still figuring out all of that myself but have a little experience from using some synth VSTs in my DAW. Also there are a lot of videos online if you just search YouTube.

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I really enjoyed the soft dreamy intro offset by the harsher percussion elements. The bass under the kick was very nice! Overall the beat was a simple one, and I think those are the best ones. A lot of times (in my opinion) the kick and the bass of a song are the canvas and its up to the artist to paint the picture on the kick and bass. You certainly painted a picture here, not unlike the drawing that is shown during the song. I would almost say it fits flawlessly, which is possibly why you did that! Great sounds, great tones, great arrangement!

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Now that's a cool vocoder. Yeah, this is mixed well. The title drew me in, but the slow burn of descent kept me listening. I like the dark texture.

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Nice track! I kept losing myself in the slow burn of the music. Can't quite seem to come up with something intelligent to say... I could definitely see this playing in a goth club, right at sunrise, when the diehard goths are soon to be turned loose upon the day.

its funny listening to you do all this stuff. but its all very cool - im playing a bit in this space but am not up to putting one out yet

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Thanks. Keep at it. You'll get it down. Just takes practice and experimentation.

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Damn. Not what I expected from you at all. No boundaries for you brother. love it.