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Liner Notes: 

I was walking down the hill that leads to a Catholic church, when the first ideas for this song started to emerge.


Sing, he said, to the cirrocumulus clouds
stretching out across the sky
i could be a king if I could fly
and the cross lies on it's bed, and sighs
Archangel, will you find me somehow?
when the power has died and I
am just a stone that was crushed
like dust, beneath the tower you're built upon

He said, spread your wings over me
and wrap my beaten dreams around you now
and I'll save the empty bottle on the ground
for another time, and the broken glass
is green, and shines, as I breathe
with the winter wing like an iron lung
that keeps me almost living on
Archangel I was the cage, and the fire, once

Weeks, have come, and gone, and hung
around my neck like chains of rust
he said, as the lost choir wept
they had bones, they had skin, and
they'd sung, for the coming, next
Archangel he said, I am broken now
and the tree was the wood, was the seat,
was the hour ringing out, and he lay down to grieve

Archangel, he said, I am weakened now
as he felt the light burning him
he cried beneath the wings he could see
in the cirrocumulus cloud, so high and free

Copyright Frances Smith @2018

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billwhite51's picture

seems to be about the crucifixion. if so, it is a beatiful version of it.

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Such gorgeous imagery! It has the added gravitas of Jesus et al. Love the broken green bottle, the chains of rust, the lost choir, the iron lung and more. Music sad and appropriate. I like the guitar picking!

Klaus's picture

Cirrocumulus clouds, they look like wings, right? The bottle made me think about an alcoholic trying to find his way to salvation. Then I googled and actually, there were bottles is Jesus' time too. This Roman Glass was more valuable than gold. But anyway, this song is very poetic and touching. Lots of loss and desperation, but some hope and letting go too. Your ethereal voice fits the lyrics well.

tcelliott's picture

Beautiful lyric, I love the imagery. I think you've done a great job in the writing on this one.

katpiercemusic's picture

Beautiful lyrics. I love the imagery. It makes you think. I also like the wandering floaty sort of music that you created for it.