ButtFunky #1

ButtFunky #1

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It's amazing what can spring up from just a drum loop Smile


ButtFunky #1
© 19/7/2018 C. Stewart


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So smooooth... This is so pleasant to listen too. Wish there was a sexy vocal to go with it! I can hear it: "ooooh baby your touch is magic..." or something like that...
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ButtFunky #1 is a title I can get behind, like Mambo #5 LOL! It was groovy man, I was jivin' on top of it cat daddy watch out! But for real, your track has this quality to it that I can't quite put my finger on, but its AW YES in all the best ways. Intoxicating sounds, fantastic layering, and supreme arrangement! Outstanding track!

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Oh no! I'm feeling the funk! Call the funk doctor!


Seriously, though, I can't help but smile at this song. Such energy to it... Can't help but groove to it. Nicely done!

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Very funky indeed. Man, that's fun! The bass really shines. What a great riff. But everything is really well performed and is just rock solid. Nice!

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Where is the Barry White crooning over top?!?
Great vibe you got going here; so appealing.
This tune is making me tap my toe, which is as close as I get to dancing.
...and then the guitar comes in and raises the thing up to another level.
So good!

haha damn this is groovy! I especially enjoy the bass throughout the song. Good stuff!