A New Wilderness

A New Wilderness

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Liner Notes: 

This is probably my favorite of this year's 50/90 so far. It was originally just a short vocal riff alongside an acoustic guitar, more City & Colour-ish, but I hummed the chorus melody over and over in different combinations and it eventually turned itself into this kind of Blue October rock balled.

The lyrics are about liberating oneself from the toxic clutches of fear, by first getting to know it, understand it, even respect it. And then in the end, letting it go with love.

The imagery is inspired by recent treks out into the woods here in Oregon, specifically the Tillamook State Forest, someplace I visit often lately to get away from distractions and modern life.


Hello my greatest fear
Let me buy you a beer, friend
And share your story
Of all your favorite side effects

As we stumble drunk into the street
Pissin' on pavement like cavemen, carefree

Trek into the wilderness unknown
Life will seem so weighted down below
Tying hammocks to the trees that won't let go
You can trust this, its built into our bones

Now that we've been to war
A band of brothers, washed on shore
Make our way up the beachhead
As hateful bullets fly between our beds

Now we stumble bloody into the trenches
Just like old friends mendin' each other's fences

Our bones
Our bones

My young habits don't fool me again
With those canteens of your old medicine
What age was it when we met?
I kind of forgot, that well, we were never ever really friends

© 2018 Peter Arvidson Music
© 2018 Sara Janda Artwork

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Theres a lot of things in this. Everytime you get a hold of the song it slips off sonewhere else. I like it - good lyrics as well.

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I like the way you come back to and close with the "Trek into..." verse. It seems to take on a more optimistic cast the second time around, as if you've risen above the weight of the world down below. Love the vocal and guitar. You are a pro.

I'm sitting in the woods in southern Tillamook County right now. I used to have to drive into Pacific City and sit outside the library to pilfer some wifi, but I have a satellite dish now, for better or worse.

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This is very deep and the words you use all lend themselves beautifully to the thought at hand to create the line in the story. The metaphors are terrific! Such friendly conversation with an adversary adds a nice bit of something to it all. Music and vocal are great! Very cool stuff!

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Man, this is delicious. From the melody (which you've nailed) to the doubled vox. The build from acoustically simple to full band. I'm digging the lyric. Yeah, I can completely understand how this would be a favorite.

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Wow! This is an impressive - the guitars give it an epic feel and the melody as delivered by your emotive soaring vocals is spectacular. The lyrics are really powerful and poignant - the details and intimacy of the journeys from pissing in the streets to the bullets between the beds are strong images. So much insight in this song, especially the last stanza. Really impressive!