At a Glance

At a Glance

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Liner Notes: 

At a Glance
Lyrics: © 2018 Cindy Prince, ustaknow (alias)
Music: © 2018 ustaknow (alias)

This V C V B V is a great thing to do to be forced out of your own box. Cindy is a true lyricist, -- great to work with.

Cindy was OK with rearrangement, writing changes and all the rest and is just amazing to work with. I made it clear that if in the end she didn't like it, -- "deleted" Crazy not a problem!

-- I had something come to mind when first read through, but didn't hum it into a recorder, -- I got it back, but as "in head space hearing", -- it was a rhythm of 1/16, 1/32 nd strum pattern notes pending how you count. In my head it fit, but not in application how I ultimately resolve to hear things (if that makes sense Smile ) The words have their specific syntactic rhythm and pitch, (or would not be "English"), -- though lots of ways to slice and dice that too.

Additionally, I am not a literal person, yet I am too, -- so in this with the subjects of glass and time (as I see it), as part of it, I went to Amazon for some Triangles and Claves and even a shaker which I am sure will be useful. Hard to believe I never had these around. I had actually commented the Triangle to someone else here, and it stayed in my head. So sonically, in this track, it's "literally" like in a fish bowl and the fish is tapping at you to get out ("snowglobe"). And the Clave for me, marks "Time". All in all, it was a "stretch" for me and enjoyed it, stressed a bit over it too since belongs to someone else. Again, it is good to break your box apart.

It is interesting to me how we think, sing and perform and how we are then forced to consider it, de-construct it, -- engaging someone else. Maybe for folks who have "covered" songs all their lives it is not. But for me, who aside from learning examples, has mostly never covered other peoples music (avoided strongly), unless completely re-addressed, i.e., my public domain stuff.

I was glad Cindy liked it too, or it would have been scrap piled with lots of company in that file. Again, a great thing to do nonetheless. Music 2


\G // // \ \
My life appeared per - fect
\G // // \
Barbie and Ken
F Am G sus // // //
Outward look - ing in
G \ // // \
My life was in or - der
\G \
Or so appeared
F Am C
But I lived in tares

\G \ \
At a glance [2x]
\F \Am \G
Like Looking in a snow globe
F Am G
It all seemed perfection
At a glance [2x]
F Am G
Like looking out from a mirror
F Am G d Gsus// //
I didn't like my accession

\G \ \ d
At a glance [2x]
C g F f# Em G g sus //
I had ... to break out
C g F f# Em e G g sus //
I had ... to es - cape
C g F Em D f# / / / /
Why couldn't any one else see? … …

\G \ \
At a glance [2x]
\F \Am \Am \G [ // // | // // |
Looking out from a snow globe
F Am \Am \G [ // // | // // |
All flushed assurance
\F Am \D d //
A glass of water never drinking

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really successful collaboration, just a few key lines is all it takes to build a great song. the more i hear of your music the more i want to hear it with a master drummer . you make such effective use of spacein your rhythms that the drum arrangements should be fantastic

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I am so pleased how this turned out! I will never tired of listening to my songs come to life. Thank you!

I had read these lyrics and liked them. Not suprising as i like a lot of Cindys. Nice musical interpretation. Im never sure with its better to feel like thats exactly how i expected it or be more suprised. This case is more the former for me. I like that somewhat understated style - works well with a good lyric

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Nice write girl and really like the treatment of the hook, "at a glance", like the rhythm and melody.

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I like that moment-of-truth sense to the lyrics and the chord progression and musical delivery captures that feeling. Well done on the collaboration!

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Yeah, I think many people are living the Barbie and Ken life. You never know what people are struggling with internally. This sounds almost like Springsteen. Cool!