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Liner Notes: 

So I thought it was about time to resume that thing that I laughably call "singing."

Marked as NSFW to be on the safe side.


Who's that telling us that he's the best?
Who's that telling us he hates the West?
Big man-baby living in a daze
Big man-baby does what Russia says

Hates it when he gets denounced
Balloon went up and off he flounced

Who's that sneaking off to play a round?
Whose tax records somehow can't be found?
Big man-baby has a handicap
Big man-baby's simply full of crap

Hates it when he gets denounced
Balloon went up and off he flounced

Everyone's acting like everything's fine
Cheering him on while he's robbing them blind
All his supporters think they'll get a piece
of all of the pie they're refusing to see

Who's trying to tell us all he's always right?
Who's not interested unless you're white?
Big man-baby laid the country bare
Big man-baby has the thickest hair

Hates it when he gets denounced
Balloon went up and off he flounced
To stay in a country that he can't pronounce
And meet a pariah that the West renounced

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Good one! Great lines and points. Big man-baby is accurate for sure. I just wrote a lyric too.

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This is great!!!! so many great lines, and the whole thing lands perfectly-- love that rockabilly feel for this, too---
some of those lines are so damn great, I wish I thought of em! Smile

great work!

and yes, 'rationality has left the building' !

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I came here for my prog rock fix, and find this???
And I couldn't be happier! Great driving beat, lyrics, style. Love it!
I guess if we're looking for a silver lining in all this political BS, it does make for great lyrical fodder. Biggrin

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This is quite the rocker. I wasn’t looking for a political fix, but I do find your take on the current political climate quite humorous and safe! I may tackle some social/political subjects. You’ve definitely given me ideas.

F**k yes thank you for this I'm out of my mind over what's going on. Extra credit for using "flounced" Smile

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Your voice reminds me of Johnny Cash here, and I don't think that's a bad thing at all. Love that fast train beat and those guitars! I almost forgot who it was about, I was having so much fun listening to the music. The lyrics are funny, even if the reality is not.

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love it all round! the rockabilly, the production.... your vocal delivery is spot on, good to hear you singing and such a confident performance, love the funny asides too. clever and funny lyrics, great stuff! also yeah Big man-baby, what an arse!

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I'm sure that Big man-baby hasn't a clue about just how much fodder he keeps feeding those of us who regrettably laugh at him in our attempts to maintain some degree of sanity. The rock-a-billy vibe is perfect for this and your vocals are spot on.

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Channeling Tim Fatchen - please don't slag off your singing in your line notes. Your voice really fits with this style of music and those rapid fire lines. Lyrically on the point. Would be funny if the point you were making weren't so terrifyingly true.

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Awww, I love this! Totally feels like Johnny Cash to me! You sang just fine! I actually like the rhythmic quality to the singing, and it works very well with the style! Good job! This is my new favorite.

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Now that's country. I really hope the mini baby blimps from the UK end up hovering over Washington DC for the remainder of his tenure.

Love it. It actually reminds me of 70's country more than rockabilly, like Emmylou Harris doing "Luxury Liner".