Faulty Maxims

Faulty Maxims

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Liner Notes: 

On vacation, trying to make some songs on my iPad using Steinberg Cubasis since Garageband doesn't work on my ancient iPad anymore.

I think it has a Joy Division/ New Order vibe.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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This was lots of fun. I love the sounds you got on cubasis. I've never tried that program. This seems very danceable to me.

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Good sounds. I like that synth line. It's great melody. Pretty infectious vibe on this. I wish I could get the knack of electronic music.

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Yeah, I can hear the New Order going on there.
Great spacey tune.
Love that synth work gliding above the burbling bass line.

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A true pleasure, for which I thank you. I needed that!

Excellent work, I took my laptop on holiday and did nothing, and since I got back I've done nothing, so you're definitely more motivated than I've managed so far this summer! There's definitely a New Ordery vibe to the bassline but this shoots off in a different direction when the lead synth kicks in, a bit synthwavey maybe.

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Funny that you can music like this on a tablet. Nice!