Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity

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Liner Notes: 

This was a combination of 3 things. 1 i had never written a song begining with Z. I had some space effects. I had this idea about gravity. so here is the mash


Zero Gravity

Im up here looking down on you
It feels so different now
And if you are wondering
I can tell you how

It gives me more perpective
Our world looks oh so small
Im allowed to tell it straight
Up heres no protocol

My mind is now more open
I see with more alacrity
Its a enlightening kinda feeling
Being here in Zero Gravity

I feel free from all the boundaries
But i see the writing on the wall
I feel things here differently
I will see the prophets fall

I have the time to ponder
And to ponder what is time
It all seems now so linear
For just 1 short lifetime

My mind is now more open
I see with more alacrity
Its a enlightening kinda feeling
Being here in Zero Gravity

I used to think being down to earth
Was a compliment you know
But Now that I’ve been up here
I know it isn’t so.

I now feel part of a universe
I realise there so much more
There must be more to life than this
I can no longer just ignore

My mind is now more open
I see with more alacrity
Its a enlightening kinda feeling
Being here in Zero Gravity

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That was 'spacey!' haha well done! New toys inspire new songs don't they? The static vibe was also kinda relaxing.

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I was captivated right away with the addition of the countdown and the intermittent use of the audio is brilliant. The lyrics and melody are outstanding! EXCELLENT John. My favorite of yours so far for sure

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Excellent work. I love the idea of getting a new bit of gear and writing a song because of it.
The lyrics are a thought provoking story. I think this could “take off” (sorry, couldn’t help myself)

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love the space perspective and your spacey production. cool vocal effects too, your narrator seems a distant cousin to bowie\s major tom.

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nicely done! I like the almost disembodied vocal, 'floating' in the mix like that, good choice.

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Oooh this is yes spacey and just wonderful! Cool song that reminds me of Bowie.

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This has a very nice flow to it. Love the space dialogue and the atmosphere you create with the vocals. The song always sounds like it's going to take off and blast into Space but it keeps us guessing and maintains it's own steady pace. I'm off to look up 'alacrity' in the dictionary.

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This is great! Ziggi stand back. Absolutely love the interspersed recordings of the first landing. A wonderful write all round.

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Great atmosphere ... love the spacey vocal and the overall floaty feel. Beautiful keyboards reminiscent of my 70s heros.

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Epic song with a slow majestic flow. The floaty feeling, mentioned in the other comments, is very well done and naturally fits the title. Good job! Smile

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This is lovely! The sparse instrumentation with the strings and arpeggiated keyboard is great. I think it illustrates the subject matter nicely. Also "alacrity" and "gravity" is a great rhyme.

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Wow! I love the space age feel and the atmospheric landscape to the track! Really creative and well done! The thought provoking lyrics are cool too.

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Very cool sounding song. Glad you are getting the hang of BIAB. If I hadn't seen your link in the BIAB thread I probably would have never pegged this as a BIAB song. Very sparse gentle and effective use of it. Cheers!

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I was drawn to this one as I wrote a song with the same title last year during 50/90! Love the spacey FX and the synth arpeggios... very well suited to the cosmic lyric. Alacrity / Gravity is a pretty inspired rhyme, and I love the "down to earth" section - very clever.