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Liner Notes: 

Yup back to dark again. total loss vocals need a bit of cheaty fix bit no time now - this is how it is. it also needs a longer into and middle instrumental which would bring it up to the right length



I see you on every street corner
I see you in a crowd
I hear your delicate whisper
I hear you shout out loud

I see your reflection in shop windows
I see you on the train
I smell your distinctive perfume
Imprinted on my brain

I think of you at night time
I see you in my dreams
I think of you when i first wake up
And all day so it seems


I wish that i could hold you
And Ease my aching heart
There wasn’t enough time
Before we had to part

I only have one answer
Theres only one thing i can do
To take away my pain
And spend my time with you.

So i say goodbye
Please dont all be sad
I have nothing left at all
To take away or add

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Aw what a sad 'missing you' song! I really felt this and it made me miss someone close to me. Good job. I will be getting to our collab next Smile

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Such moving lyrics and I love the spoken words at the end

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the only thig sadder than parting is the years that follow. you truly capture that cotinual despair that never dissipates. even more than the words, your voice tells it all

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Good job conveying a sad one. The lyrics provide many instances that are so relatable and the music and vocal add a gentleness to the story. Good one.