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I tried out another phone app @spingo had posted a link to in the phone app challenge called Caustic 3, and I came up with this beauty. It is like having a MIDI based DAW right in the palm of your hands. I love how easy it is to use and how the work flow acts so much like a real DAW. This is definitely my new go to for creating electronic music on the go. The entire song was produced, mixed and mastered on my phone then uploaded directly to Soundcloud. So easy to use and sounds great.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I like the intensity here. There's a lot of menace in this song. I love the drop our about half way through and the choir sound that you overlay at about 2 minutes. Very nicely done.

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This sounds eerie and energetic. Lots of anticipation and has a looming doom feel to it. Amazing what you can do on a phone! Sounds good!

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Wow, you can do such a range of musical styles. Awesome piece! Also really enjoyed Elvis and Tippie Toes. Smile

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The bit that comes in around 0:49... Epic! And that bass line that only breaks through the mix occasionally sounds great. It serves to reinforce the dark, gloomy vibe when the higher stuff needs to pause. Nice one!

Good number and thx for sharing your process and tools. very interesting

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Gonna have to check that out, I think. This is cool. I love that darker, low end feel and the haunting, spacial feel. A cool combination of rhythm (hard to sit still) and deeper sounds. You've arranged it well, kept my interest throughout.