All The Time

All The Time

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Liner Notes: 

This song is about endings, and new beginnings Smile


Obsession wears me out, its a bitter pill now
And as it makes its way down, my stomach churns around
Now you've waited for me, hoping that I'd provide relief
From the toxicity, insane fantasy

Ah, ah, ah, we happen all the time
Ah, ah, ah, all the time

I know how to fly, If you follow me now
I will pick you off the ground
Get your sneakers on kid, lets ride away on our sled
From the frights in our life, we will conquer and rewind

Ah, ah, ah, we happen all the time
Ah, ah, ah, conquer and rewind
Ah, ah, ah, we happen all the time
Ah, ah, ah, all the time

For god sake, look inside, I'll do the same
Now for goodness sake, reach inside and break the chains

Knock out the lights, this isn't funny. Is it right
To control every thing just to feel alright?

Cool cool cool, laugh it off
The only mistake I made was ever doubting myself
And the progress that comes from pain
No no no, keep on truckin', keep on truckin', keep on, lets go

© 2018 Peter Arvidson Music
© 2018 Sara Janda Artwork

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cindyrella's picture

Wow, this is impressive. A tough subject to write about but you did it well with a great production too!

Like Cindy says - not an easy topic to pull off but you did it! You manage to combo the sadness with hope very well lyrically and in your production.

Frances Smith's picture

Lovely big production. Intriguing mix of very orchestral, and at other times very electronic sounding. Melody does lots of interesting things.

cblack's picture

Vocals remind me of AFI, so it was interesting to hear such vocals paired with electronica music, rather than straight up rock. So thanks for that! I didn't know I wanted to hear that until I did, but now I'm not sure how I ever lived without hearing it. :P A perfect marriage of emo and EDM. Smile Nicely done!

Tim Fatchen's picture

The topic you've done well, and a lot is all too familiar looking on helplessly to our friends and family members going through this. The production is impressive. Is it all your voice with tweaks? Spill some secrets, c'mon (sez the poor singer)

musicsongwriter's picture

Very powerful song. Very cool song, production and performance. Amazing listen. Thank you so much Peter.