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Liner Notes: 

Song number 6. This started as a melody idea, that I recorded a snippet of in the middle of the night. Though the melody I ended up with is nothing like the one I started with.

Needs a little bit of tidying up, but quite pleased with it.


It was all a dream he said
to the savage in his head
who always watch the darkness fade
by the fire he'd lit and left to burn

And then he saw the willow weep
and then he saw the green grass bleed
and then he saw the wind whispering

As he watched the shaking leaves
and as he watched the bird set free
he saw the woodbine weave it's way
around the trees so sweet
and all the air was full of scent
of flowers that fell like drops of rain
and he was the poacher in the trap

It was all for you he said
to the lover in his head
who always watched him fade in the light
and he was the fire she'd lit and left to burn

repeat second section

And the woodbine weaved it's stem
around the trap she'd caught him in
and he was the prey that day
and the scent was sweet so sweet
and the flowers fell like drops of rain
he was the poacher who was trapped

copyright Frances Smith @2018

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Aging Ophelia's picture

Lovely balance of gorgeous images and tragic consequences. And you have a beautiful voice!

zxcvbnm's picture

Woodbine or Venus Fly Trap? Smile I've only listened to snippets of your other songs this year but this IMHO is the best. There are many "Poachers who have been trapped! Smile

Well done

Peter Arvidson's picture

Pretty and dreamy vocals combined with those intense lyrics. Nice work here! Smile

Jerry Pettit's picture

Yes, my favorite of yours, I think. Lovely melody, nice chord progression. As always, a good job on the lyrics!

katpiercemusic's picture

I really enjoy your voice. It and your song writing style reminds me a bit of Dar Williams. Very bittersweet and contemplative. The lyrics stand as poetry. Beautiful!

billwhite51's picture

youve done it again. naturalist songs filled with mystery and the slightest touch of natural beauty perverted, as the green grass that bleeds. almost like something sylvia plath might have written, and your melodies are so severe, pretty but rarely finding resolution, hanging suspended in that tense suspense, making the listener care more about what will happen next rather than how the current melodic line will be resolved. and in the end, always elusive,

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

"Woodbine" is a very English name for we Americans - I only know it through Jake Thackray songs. Melody here is gorgeous, and I like the spare guitar accompaniment. As always, lyrics are filled with great images ... "the savage in his head" ... "the poacher who was trapped" and more. P.S. Aren't Woodbines cigarettes?